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I imagine you made up like a man. We’ve bought you a dark suit and fedora. A pin striped shirt and some expensive shoes. Taking this back to our hotel room, we begin your transformation... Stripping you down to your naked skin we begin to wrap your chest with a large bandage; smoothing down your beautiful breast. Using a tank-top we cover it. Next we secure the strap-on and harness to you. Once snug we tie back the erect dildo, your penis for tonight. We slip you into some boxers and then your pants; one milky white leg at a time. Seating you in front of a mirror, we begin to pull your curly brunette hair into a bun on top of your head.
With make up we begin to harden your facial features. Adding shadow and depth to your cheeks to show angles and the illusion of a 5 o’clock shadow. Once you’re made up, we finish dressing you. shirt, tie, shoes, and coat. Finally you put on your fedora, completing your transformation.
After we admire our success at this masculine subterfuge, we go out.
I picture us going to a club. I tell you to pick us out a woman. I imagine you at the bar, making conversation with an attractive young lady. We buy her a drink and talk.
She is opening up to us and after a little while you ask her to dance. taking her by the hand you move into the crowd.
holding her close you begin to dance. Her hands are on your shoulders. You begin to slide yours from her waist to her bottom. Squeezing each cheek softly, pulling her in close to your erection. Wanting her to feel your rubber cock. Together you begin to slowly grind your hips together with the beat. Your bodies rubbing against each other, she feels your cock.
Continuing to dance she leans in and kisses you on the lips while her hand runs down to your groin.
At the bar I’m still watching. Growing harder and flushed with excitement.
Kissing and groping you, you take the initiative and fondle one of her breast. I watch this for several minutes till I know, I feel you want each other.
Deciding to continue our escapade elsewhere, the three of us leave.
Escorting the two of you to the car, I watch you steal kisses repeatedly.
I let you two into the backseat of the car and ceremoniously shut the door behind you.
We set out onto the city streets, heading to our hotel a few miles away.
The two of you begin to make out in the backseat. Fondling and groping. She unzips you and pulls the suit pants open. While kissing your lips she reaches in for your rubber cock. Freeing it from it bonds.
The lights of nighttime Baltimore strobes into the car as we pass by. Its neon glare and soft street lamps are the only light I have to watch the two of you by.
From the front seat I watch through the rear view mirror.
She has your back against the door and she is kneeling over you on all fours. Kissing your lips and stroking your member. You have your hands on her back pulling up her blouse. She pulls away long enough to help pull her blouse off over her head. Leaning in she offers you a breast to suckle.
As you take her nipple into your mouth she reaches up and pulls at your hair, pulling the bun apart. Tugging handfuls of your hair she pulls your mouth firmly against her breast.

After several minutes she lets go and kisses you again. I watch your tongues sliding back and forth between each others mouth. Lips are bitten and sucked.

Reaching down with one hand, she begins sucking your cock now. Moving her hand up and down, smearing her spit all over the shaft. Her spit is extra thick and wet as she gives you head. You play along holding the back of her head, your hand moving rhythmically with her head as it bobs up and down the fleshy pink prick.
Finally wet enough, she moves in over it.
You help by holding her dark skirt up as she pulls her white thong to one side. She slowly maneuvers herself over your lap and slides down on it.
Seated across your lap, the two of you kiss and she begins to pump against you. Moving your hands to her hips you slowly reach around and begin to squeeze her ass. Pulling her in close with every rise and fall.

At the hotel I excuse myself from the car to secure us a private elevator to our floor, leaving the two of you to continue uninterrupted.
Several minutes later the two of you, hand in hand, join me on the elevator.

Back in our room I seat myself in a chair and watch from the end of the bed as you two pick up where you left off.
Kissing each other again you begin to undress. Articles of clothing begin to drop off quickly. Raising your hands over your head as she unravels the large bandage from your chest. Having freed your breast, she palms your nipple as you begin to kiss.
You seat her at the edge of the bed and step in front of her. She is completely nude before you as you take hold of your rubber cock and move it to her mouth.

She leans in and takes hold of it from you, kissing the tip and then licking it again. You have your hands on both sides of her head and begin to thrust your hips, pushing the cock deeper and deeper into her mouth. Your head thrown back and rolling from side to side. I wish you could really know how that feels.
After several minutes you pull out and push her onto her back. Sitting quietly I watch you move up onto the bed between her legs. She spreads them for you and pulls her knees in close to her chest. You lick your finger tips before feeling the wetness between her legs.

Having fingered her pussy for several seconds you move in closer and slide gently into her. She draws her knees up closure to her chest as you begin to thrust harder. The 10 inch cock effortlessly finds itself buried in her all the way up to the harness.
Growing impatient I stand and start to undress. My erection, nearly tearing through my underwear, is noticed by the 2 of you as I move towards the bed. Once undressed I’m kneeling on the bed over her mouth. She takes my cock into her soft hands and starts to pump and suck it. I look at you watching this go on and I reach out to start rubbing your milky breast.
We continue this way for a time, till I start to cum. I imagine her taking it all in her mouth while I fuck her mouth.
Switching places now, you move over her chest and slide the soiled prick into her mouth. I lean down between her legs and start to lick and kiss her scarlet valley. Peeking up to watch you take the cock out of her mouth and slap it against her cheek ever so often.
After several minutes she pulls away from you and reaches down for my head. She lifts me from her lap and we kiss. She licks her juices from my mouth and lips.
She turns around before me on her hands and knees. Spreading her legs wide, inviting me to stick my dick into her moist hole. She pats the bed in front of her, inviting you to lying down.
After seating yourself before her and she unsnaps the clasp of the strap-on's belt. Pulling it away she leans into kiss your aching clit. She starts to lick and suck on your labia and clit. I finger her while watching you close your eyes and giving yourself up to being invaded by her tongue. After several minutes of pumping fingers in her wet hole I slip my cock in.
I begin thrusting sharply, grinding my thighs against her bottom, feeling my balls slap against her pubic hair. All the while she is tongue deep in your pussy. Her mouth slams into your cunt every time I thrust into her, pushing her tongue in further and further.
After a time I pull out and move up to your breast.
Leaning over you, I start to jerk off, finishing my orgasm on your breast. I imagine her moving up your body and starting to lick my pearly cum off your nipples. She makes her way to your mouth where the two of you kiss... Trading quim and cum on tongues and love bites.
Sitting back on the bed you lean over me and take my spent prick in your mouth, trying to breathe life back into it. She moves in behind and starts to put the strap-on herself.

While you are kissing and sucking my balls I watch her run the cock up and down your ass several times before driving it into you.
She takes hold of your hips and starts to fuck you hard and I feel you pull back and forth and up and down on me as she does so. My cock is resurrected from the sight of her violating you.
Finally you start to cum, pulling my prick from your mouth and take hold of it like an anchor. It rest against your cheek as you lower yourself further on your elbows and knees and prepare for your orgasm.
It starts as a whimper in the beginning. A building crescendo of “yes, Yes, YES...” Then after a long growl, you let go as she continues to grind the strap-on into you.

The two of you, now spent, have fallen over along both sides of me.
Reaching over you slowly stroke my cock. Then you order her to clean it with her mouth.
Without hesitation she obeys… licking from tip to root. Sucking and slurping at the flesh.
Looking up at me you say “Where we go from here is all a matter of taste.”
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