Harlotte (satans_harlotte) wrote in ero_exchange,

true story (x-posted)

i wrote this after i had lunch in the park on  my tafe break , it's not all the great but i thought i'd share 
she sits alone in the middle of the park passers by keep walking through they never stop , she glances around with her pen in her hand and her note book of her lap , she glances at her cleavage and glides the pen across it feeling a spark of lust , she looks up again and around the park her eyes being to wonder then she notices a couple , a man laying on the grass on his back clearly the man is in his mid 30's and a girl sitting on top of him looking at her the girl didn't look a day past 20 possibly younger , the girl seemed to be motioning back and forth with her pelvis upon the man , she leaned down to kiss him , suddenly the young girl on the park bench closed her eyes for a moment and re-opened them and continued to watch the couple but her mind wondered away , she went back in memory to when she was in the 8th grade the crush she had on her English teacher , flirtations they shared the Teacher would always send her out of class to talk with her and would always look into her eyes and while still reprimanding her verballing he would move his body in close , one such time the girl was walking to class with her friends and her teacher has asked her to get out of class before she even got through the door frame , she laughed as did all her school friends but she did as she was told , a few minute went by and he came out of the class and closed the door , usually when he would come out the door would be left open and he would stand back from her and then move in closer but this time after he shut the door he came right up close straight away looked into her eyes and put his arm up on the wall stretched out so she could get past that way to her other side a the glass doors which were always locked , a few second went by the girl stood there for what seemed like ages and then said " I know what your thinking" he then replied " you have no idea what's going through my head" he words she said in a strong stand and yet a form of jest , his words as well as his eyes seems full of frustration and angry nothing else was said they stood there staring at each other , the teacher slightly bent his elbow and was very very slowly moving closer to the girl , what he was feeling she couldn't be sure w but she was filled with anticipation , for a fortnight she had been going to class to putting a apple of his desk and smiling a secret smirk to him without saying a word and taking her place then return to her norm class room attitude as if nothing had happened , they stood in the corridor her young supple breast through her black bra and white blouse were now press against he well built abbs through his white blouse , his face still as steady as it was , her now with a look of questioning and desire there lips mere seconds away from contact , she feel his erection grow hard and it was now through his black pants and her school pants and black panties pressed firm against her virginal yet slightly throbbing pussy , there eyes she contacted as the got closer , so close they were that she could almost feel his lips , she raised her hand slightly off the wall , his eyes began to close and he kept motioning closer her eyes now fixed on his lips 1 second more , Just at the point a voice from around the corner came it was the head of the English department , an old woman , the teacher turned and was asked to report to the old woman’s office and the girl was told to return to class , they glanced at each other and then went there separate ways.
The girls mind came back to her and she smiled at the memory , she then noticed the couple whom her eyes had been fixed on were now moving up and down in sync the mans pants her undone and the pink g-string of the girl was around her ankle , her mini skirt however was cover her and the man's sexual act that was undeniably taking place , then looked down at her note book and remember that the encounter she remember was the last time she saw her teacher , she went to cross her legs and glance not at the couple but at the road to the side of her , as she did this she noticed she was wet, wet from the all to real and vivid memory of her 8th grade English teacher

any constructive criticism welcome

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