innocent jennie (blurredserenity) wrote in ero_exchange,
innocent jennie

post post post post post post post

as the master of the community... I demand you to post something.
everyone... introduce yourselves to each other.
I'll send you pictures
ohh... and to cory, I sent a letter to you today, you should get it in a few days.... I didnt send any example pictures because the only people to anime were mine mine mine, and I was afraid you wouldnt send them back, so send me all the information I need and I will send you a bunch of example anime characters, but I need lots of pictures from you. I hope I made it all vague enough for you :) I hope your name was cory rather than cody.

oh, and if anyone wants me to, I can draw pictures of you for you, and write stories of you to you, naked or not. I will also just send you some of my erotic art if that is what you want. Just email me. Or send me a letter. my information is all over this place :)
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