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Someone POST

The story we are working on is almost finished, if anyone wants a copy (it will probably only have a few ...or one picture per story because I am procrastinating more than he is) send me an email with your name and address and I will send the story and a letter :)
By the way, I am sorry its taking so long for me to accept members, I am going to make it an open membership for the time being because I don't really have much access to the internet anymore (I can check my emails, and not reply on my cellphone)
Also, I would enjoy to recieve (through regular mail, not email) some stories of yours.
Here is a some-what summary of the story.
(boyfriend here) The story is pretty much about two sixteen year old girls, long time friends, taking ex for the first time. One is sexual, the other not (teaching is always fun, in'it?) Anyway, I'm pretty anal about detail and such so the story will have a lot of content, background to characters, hopefully satisfactory details in the department that everyone cares about, among other things. I recently reparticipated in said drug to hopefully give the extra push in quality and description. So I hope all enjoy (after I get off my ass and finish it that is)

And here is my email and address
2098 Newton Street
akron, ohio 44305.
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